The first quest is always the hardest. Learning about your running partner can be difficult. Setting goals can become overwhelming. This week, we experience a lot of emotions in our studio for various reasons. This was the first week that teammates set goals with their running partners. We are still setting goals on paper so that the teammates can get used to the concept of goal writing with a running partner. The team is finding that asking questions and having their teammates challenge them can be hard. It is even harder to explain that a running partner is not there to be judgemental, but to provide support.

On Monday, we reviewed checklists one and two for their quest. During our reflection discussion on Tuesday, the teams all realized that communication was the issue for all of the conflicts and breakdowns. As began to spend more time with the teams that asked for feedback, I realized that some of them were so busy ensuring things were perfect that they neglected to check-in with their teams.

On Wednesday, we also rolled out the MicroBuck store applications for the position of manager and associate. The teammates are excited to know that they will have the opportunity to take on this leadership role. I am excited to see them grow in this tasks.

Thursday was our first unplugged day in the studio. We did writing, counting (foundational component), quest, and meditation. The teammates did not think twice or beg to use their Chromebooks. They instead took advantage of the brain break from the screen. Next week, we will integrate handwriting practice into our unplugged days.

On Friday, we spent the morning at the Big Easy Sportsplex for PE. The teammates worked well together and were cohesive as a team. I noticed moments of leadership in teammates that are normally in the background. I cannot wait to see how great they will be at the low ropes course next week.

We ended our week with our pitches to middle school about their reception plans. I will announce the winning team on Monday.

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