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Publishing, Painting, and the Park

This week's trait was motivation. Motivation can be a huge driving force both internally and externally. Our huddles this week focused on our actions, their intent, and how they motivate us. The team noted that sometimes we have to depend on each other to find just the right balance of motivation. 

Tuesday, we rolled our new Bridge Quest. The teammates are tasked with building a bridge using up to 200 craft (popsicle) sticks that can hold the maximum weight. The team is excited about this quest. This is the first quest in our studio that has asked the teammates to take on a role. They did not do any extensive work this day because I wanted to ensure that they understood their roles and what it means to still work as a team. The team also began adding the finishing touches to their stories. 

Wednesday was our big day and the teammates were a little nervous. We wrapped up our day early and prepared ourselves for our storefront. The team did well with their Writer's Workshop exhibition. Their stories were well-written and detailed. It was great to see such a large crowd come out and support them.

Thursday, we spent a lot of our time working on our Bridge Quest and D.E.A.R. The teammates are learning the of healthy technology use. Some of them told me that they really enjoyed writing a story and going through the steps.

Friday was our field trip with LOOP NOLA. The teammates went for a nature walk around the park and learned the basic skills of fishing. One of our teammates had a catch. It was a plastic bag full of shells, but it was a catch. The team had a ball on this trip. They rolled down the hills, jumped in the puddles, and laughed the way children should.

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