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All work and Lots of Play

Chromebooks, Learning Platforms, and Responsibilities

This week's character trait was justice. The sub-traits of justice are leadership, teamwork fairness. Out teammates had the opportunity to truly model a character trait and understand how it applies in our studio. This week we had some thorough discussions that required a lot of self-reflection and questions. One of the questions asked during our huddle this week was "are leaders always fair?" I love hearing their responses to these questions because they all come from such diverse backgrounds. The statement that stood out to me the most was, "there are some black people that work just as hard as some white people, and some women that work just as hard as some men and they don't get equal pay for doing the same job. There are also some bosses that might treat people unfair because they are different and that's not right." I love the insight that the teammates share. I appreciate how well they are doing at learning the art of listening. 

On Monday we began rolling out the learning platforms and setting goals within those platforms. At first, some of the teammates were hesitant to set a goal because they were not sure what they would need to do to achieve a badge within that platform. I had to reassure them that goal setting is not an easy task and it does require some time. 

On Tuesday we started with Padlet and Points Tracker. We ran into a few bumps with Padlet, but will continue to practice with this platform until they are comfortable. I noticed that they became overwhelmed and frustrated, so we stopped and started designing our studio. 

Wednesday was such an awesome day for us! Some of the teammates started dancing with Dancing Grounds. Our studio started typing their goals into Points Tracker and beamed with excitement when they realized that they were capable of doing this. 

As the week began to close, we started doing math power hour on Khan Academy. I wanted the teammates to know what it felt like to be fully immersed in one of their core skills. 

By Friday, they knew how navigate the platforms on their own. We will continue to work through a lot of these platforms next week. I trust that the teammates will continue to strive for the excellence as we continue our school year.

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