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Courage Is...

Facing Fears and Making Mistakes

This week's trait was courage. We talked about courage being the ability to recognize the strengths within ourselves without comparing our traits to others. This week my goal was to spend more personal times with each teammate to discuss their goal reflection sheets and how it is impacting them. I got some good feedback from most of the team. The only negative I got was that it did not allow them to write more reflective thoughts. 

On Monday, we reviewed their goal sheet and discussed what it means to exceed a goal. We began phase three on Bridge Quest. I had the teammates do a small activity prior to them beginning their task for the day. They were tasked with building a small bridge with Lincoln Logs. The goal of this task was to get them to communicate and work as a team. When we wrapped and debriefed, they gave great feedback about listening to each other. 

On Tuesday, I sat with a few of the teammates and discussed their progress. I asked them what are their personal expectations for the end of the year. It was a personal conversation that involved reflection for them. One teammates admitted that they felt defeated because their progress is not happening fast enough. It was a great teachable moment about confidence for the both of us. Ms. Amy took us outside for yoga so that we could get in tune with our senses. 

On Wednesday, some of the teammates started moving towards their canvas's for their wood work project. Our teammates that are participating in Dancing Grounds have begun the task of picking their song for this semester.

Thursday, instead of a traditional Bridge Quest, we did some structural design.

The teammates were challenged to design two structures with their teams. They had a great time doing this. This also allowed me to see that they would need more time to complete their quest. We plan to finish our blueprint on Monday.

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