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Embarking on a New Quest

Teamwork, Leadership and Community

This week's subtrait was leadership. The teammates mentioned to me last week that there is a correlation between teamwork and leadership. I felt that it would be important for us to discuss that this week. There were some strong discussions about leadership and working with others. One of the highlights was Friday's discussion. The team explained to me that leadership does not mean power, but rather guidance. 

Our theme for this school year is "Who is Responsible for Community?" Due to the election being a huge current event, we have not had time to dive into our theme. Our new quest is about finding a problem in our local community and creating a solution. The Get Involved quest will allow them to create bonds and build relationships with community partners.

I think that the best thing about this quest is that we, the guides will be participating with the teammates. We talk to the team about working together, but we felt that it needed to be modeled.

On Monday, we rolled out the new quest and discussed what it means to practice our best effort. Two of the teammates point out to me that this quest mimics their civilization requirements and wanted to know if they could integrate some of skills. These are moments that excite and motivate their teammates. 

On Tuesday, we answered some questions about how to research and plagiarism. It was great to hear them bounce ideas off of each other. On Wednesday, we reflected on gratefulness. We made hand print turkeys. I called each teammate individually to discuss gratitude and what it meant to them. This gave me some time to do a quick check-in before we go on break. We ended Wednesday with gratitude shout-outs. 

Thursday, we were joined by Youth Run NOLA. Their enthusiasm and support for the teammates was exciting to see. They were extremely involved and demonstrated a great example of teamwork. I think our team noticed how they connected as a team and followed their example. We had 100% participation and the team is looking forward to working with them again. 

Friday was a relaxed day in our studio as we approached our break. We completed the first part of our Get Involved Quest and wrapped up our day with a feast.

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