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Finding Motivation

and Finding Courage

Our character trait this week was bravery. It was fitting for the events and emotions that were taking place in our studios this week. On Monday, we had a new teammate join our studio. On Friday, we had a teammate leave our studio. It was a week of high emotions, mourning, and finding voices. 

On Monday, the teammates were eager to welcome their new teammate and did so with open arms. I enjoy watching them embrace new people. Our teammates have a way of meeting people where they are and allowing them to embrace themselves.

Tuesday, we spent a lot of time doing Writer's Workshop. The teammates worked with their running partners to strengthen their graphic novels. We had a discussion about honest, thoughtful feedback. They were initially hesitant to give feedback because they did not want to hurt each others feelings. I shared with them examples of feedback that Mr. Ryan and I give to each other. After our discussion, they began to engage each other about their graphic novels. 

Brieze from Dancing Grounds returned with some great ideas and questions for the teammates. The teammates were introduced to modern and hip-hop dance. There were more teammates that wanted to sign-up this round, and she is finding a way to accommodate them.

On Wednesday, we did core skills and Writer's Workshop in the morning. In the afternoon, we did an all studio reflection and relaxation break. The teammates were allowed to use this time in our studio to reset. We cut off the Chromebooks during this time to give them the opportunity to think and clear their minds.

Thursday, we jumped back into our writing and core skills with a new breath. They are enjoying this writing unit and I can only hope the enthusiasm will continue into the next unit. 

On Friday, we bid our well-wishes to a departing teammates. The emotions were running high in the studio, so our day was pretty mellow. The teammates asked for extra time to continue their stories, and I definitely allowed them their time. I am looking forward to their comic book store (exhibition) next week.

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