This week's trait was innovation. We talked about innovators in education that opened doors and created opportunities to learn. We talked about the Little Rock Nine and Booker T. Washington. We talked about inequalities in education and how things have progressed.

This was one of the most relaxed weeks in our studio. We were able to spend more time bonding, communicating, and helping each other reach our goals. The team had some really strong moments this week during their math time. I witnessed teammates reach out and help each other more. We talked about strengths last week and they applied their discussion to this week's core skills.

The teammates have started outlining their bridge design to begin building. Some of their designs were phenomenal, but after researching structures, they edited their designs. Some of the teams have started transferring their draft to a blueprint to prepare their materials for building. 

Our Peekapak lesson this week was about teamwork. The teammates were heavily involved in this lesson. They discussed their impact and actions as a member of our team. There were some moments of breakthrough and apology for past actions.


I am looking forward to the excitement of next week and the moments of reflection about this week.

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