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Finding Our Groove

Building, Growing and making Mistakes

Some of the best moments about working with children are the laughs. Sometimes the laughs are just a lot of uncontrollable giggles and other times, they are moments of humor. There were many moments this week full of laughs, some moments were filled with tears and some moments were filled with laughs and tears. The teammates suggested that I dress as Mrs. Kim for Halloween, and I think that is a brilliant idea. 

This week we shifted into the discussing the sub-virtues (subtraits) of the character traits that we have studied. Our focus this week was: love of learning.

I was not here on Monday, but I heard that they teammates still had an awesome day. They informed me that they were able to do their core skills and Election Quest materials. When I returned on Tuesday, they were excited to share their day. We jumped right into setting our goals with our running partners. While observing the teammates with their running partners I realized that we still need to practice what it means being a running partner. We discussed what types of questions a running partner should ask, how they should hold their partner accountable towards reaching their goal and how they can continue to motivate their partner to do their best. 

On Wednesday I took the lead as everyone's running partner. We sat together and talked through goals that we can set based on the core skills we have been doing. The teammates set some really strong goals. We reviewed our acronym for goal-setting to help walk them through every goal. Setting a goal is not an easy process, especially when the teammates have to set it for themselves. My duty to them this week was to guide them through the process so that it was not too difficult or demanding. I asked the teammates to set a solid Election Quest goal based on the timeline they had. Most of the teammates chose to create a materials list to build a voting booth.

By Thursday we were rocking, rolling and stopping. The teammates had set some amazing goals during this week, and they were starting to put forth great effort in reaching them. After I met with them, I asked them to meet with their running partner. I heard some great conversations about trying, succeeding, and failing. We talked about how a failure is not a roadblock, but rather a learning point for us to grow and do better. 

On Friday, we were pretty solid. They were doing great during core skills and D.E.A.R. I love to watch them get lost in a good book. I can see the excitement on their faces when the story changes. 

I hope that they come back from break with the same enthusiasm because they had such great momentum this week.

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