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Getting Back Into Things

Routines and Goals

I love the Monday after a long break. The teammates are enthused to see each other, but not quite ready to get back into the swing of things. This week did not start off like a normal week because Coach Josh was not there to join us on Monday. The teammates still embraced having the time to take a break and starting the week off outside.

Our trait this week was appreciation. We have talked about appreciation before, but only about the appreciation of other people. This week, we discussed appreciation of our space, the store, and the things in our community. The teammates shared some moments of clarity about the items in our studio. 

Tuesday, we jumped back into yoga with Ms. Amy. She allowed them to get their wiggles out as they began to wake up. I love how they challenge each other to try each week. Some of them are still not comfortable in yoga, but they do the best to encourage and motivate each other. 

Wednesday, the teammates unanimously set goals to create their presentations for Bridge Quest. It is always interesting to see how they interpret this request. They also started a team building art activity. They are tasked with creating puzzle and each teammate has to design a piece. 

Thursday, they attempted to complete their art project. There were some moments of miscommunication, which did not allow them to complete it. This was a moment of communication, problem solving and conflict resolution. 

Friday, the teammates started rolling out their presentations for their Bridge Quest. There were some interesting presentations. Some of them were extremely detailed and intricate. Others were simple and straightforward. I look forward to seeing the bridges come into fruition next week.

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