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Giving Our All

Bridges, teamwork, and smiles

This week's character trait was transcendence. The subtraits for transcendence are: humor, gratitude, hope, appreciation of beauty and spirituality. I took a different approach this week to studying the character trait. Instead of just diving right in, we discussed each subtrait and how they are connected. The teammates produced some really good dialogue about the traits. Normally I mention a quote that has stood out during the week, but this time it was an action. When on our field trip with LOOP NOLA the teammates were doing a team building activity. In all of the excitement a teammate was pushed. When I asked them if they were okay, they responded that they didn't think their teammate did it on purpose, it was because they were caught in the moment of the activity. In most of these situations we look to place blame, but this teammate chose to be bigger than the situation.

This week was pretty amazing. On Monday we jumped back into our Core Skills and Election Quest. By the end of the week, the teammates were supposed to pitch to me:

  • Research the branches of government? What are their roles?  
  • What is your role as a citizen?
  • What rights do I have a citizen of Louisiana in regards to voting?
  • How can a person register?
  • What is the difference between a rule and a law?

They hit the ground running on this when they realized that the end of the week would soon approach. 

On Tuesday, we did Yoga and spent some time working outside of our studio space. The teammates explained to me that they value being able work in spaces that are in the store. They love working on the third floor. I think it is because that floor has a nice cozy feel that allows them to be relaxed. 

On Wednesday we had our second round with dancing grounds. The teammates that are not attending dancing grounds will be helping to create a new vibe in the store. The teammates came up with some great ideas to decorate and make the market more inviting and family-friendly. 

Thursday was a day of teamwork, building, and a breath of fresh air. We had our first outing with LOOP NOLA, and the teammates were all involved. I was glad to see them asking questions about the environment, City Park and how they can care for both. They came back to the studio and immediately jumped into their Election Quest. I honestly think that Thursday was their strongest day working as a team. The teams pitched their parts to me and I provided them with feedback on how to make it stronger.

Overall, I cannot be more proud of their progress. I cannot stop talking about their continuous growth and milestones. Each week is presenting me with something new and an opportunity to grow as a guide.

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