This week's trait was initiative. Our huddles centered around people that have taken the initiative to pursue their goals and their dreams to create something awesome. We also started spending quality time on our All About Books unit. 

Teammates learned about outlining to prepare for research. This process has taken us a few days, but that is not a problem. This is a fundamental skill towards gathering thoughts and checking for sources. Some of the teammates even changed their topics after realizing that they might not have the information needed to develop a great book.

On Monday, we rolled out the new strike and warning system. The teammates are in full control of helping each other take ownership in the studio. This system has actually yielded more conversation surrounding warnings in our studio. I have enjoyed listening to the teammates discuss their actions.

Wednesday, we joined LOOP NOLA for a coastal restoration trip. Ranger Becky gave us some great insight about this event and its purpose. She also shared some facts about Louisiana's coastal area. Heather at LOOP NOLA informed the teammates that all of they were the first school to attend this event. We had the opportunity to not only see something amazing, but to meet the pilots and other Air National Guards that were assisting in this effort. The teammates were allowed to tour the helicopter and touch the buttons.

On Thursday, we recapped our trip and how those small moments throughout the day brought us together as a team. On Friday, we had running partner day. We use the term accountability frequently in our studio, but we rarely put it into practice. Our younger teammates are still trying to figure out their place in our studio. Working with their running partners forced them to have some of the most honest conversations for the first time in our studio.

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