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Keeping the Old

While Stating Anew

This week we did a restart in both studios. This week we focused on ensuring that the teammates understood what it means to work as a team. Sometimes that gets lost in the translation of our everyday tasks. This is also a concept that is still new to some of them. This week was an opportunity to remind them about the voice they have in our studio.

Monday, we started the day with a discussion about teamwork, ownership and restarting. This was a strong conversation between the teammates. Every teammates gave input on this discussion and came up with some strong conclusions. One teammate even asked, "how can we be a team without ownership?" Some of the teammates shared their roles on this team and how they can contribute. 

On Tuesday, we discussed accountability and friendships. When I speak to them individually, I usually hear the same response regarding friendships. They feel that they will lose friends if they hold them accountable. We discussed what it means to be a friend and care for someone. They told me that friends can be honest and still love each other. 

Wednesday was a day of goals and accomplishments. We highlighted our personal goals and accomplishments during huddle. The teammates wrote them down and I plan to have the teammates read and review them once a week.

Thursday, some of the teams moved into designing on their Bridge Quest so that they can begin to move into building. Next week, they will transfer their rough sketches to a blue print.

Friday, we did some team building. We played a few games during P.E. and talked about how to create a great team. I was told that a team will not always be perfect, but it can have some great people.

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