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Leading by Example

...and being part of the team

This week's trait was humor.  We ended our weekly discussion by having a round table of jokes. I think that jokes are one of the many ways that we can let people into our inner circle and share our personality. It was so funny to hear them just genuinely belly laugh. 

On Monday we prepped for our Quest and set our Big Rock Goals for the rest of the school year. It was so cool to see them think through what they want to accomplish. Some of their goals were physical while other goals were personal. One teammate wrote that they would like to work on patience and being more understanding. It is such a beautiful thing when they encourage and motivate each other.

On Tuesday we prepped for Election Quest and their performance with Dancing Grounds. At the last minute they decided to present on Thursday. Tuesday was one of the more tense days this week, but there were no tears or confrontations. I think they were more anxious about the events of the week in general. 

Wednesday was such an awesome day this week and a great highlight to rounding out the first half of the school year and this week. Some of our teammates performed with Dancing Grounds while the others hosted and entertained our guest. We watched the Middle School Studio present their Get Involved Quest. The teammates took notes and enhanced their presentations before their presentation on Wednesday. 

On Thursday, our teammates did their presentation. I love how supportive the middle school students were of the teammates. They were very encouraging and motivating.

On Friday, we celebrated. We listened to some music, did some coding and played outside. In the afternoon we had our holiday celebration and enjoyed each other's company.

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