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Planting a Seed

Watching Them Grow

This was another busy week in our studio. This week's trait is resourcefulness. The teammates were able to see the relationship between networking and resourcefulness.

On Monday, we rolled out the goals for the week. There was not much on the schedule, but the goals required some major detail to ensure they would be successfully achieved. On Monday, we rolled out the new Writer's Workshop unit: How to Guides. The teammates are excited about this unit and have allowed the momentum from the last unit to keep them going.

Tuesday, we discussed the seeds that we will be planting and their germination period. The teammates learned a lot about seeds and were able to research pictures of the flowers and vegetables as they grow.

Wednesday was a dreary day for us. We spent some quality time unplugged and peer editing book reviews.

Thursday was a cold, wet, and fun day. We joined LOOP NOLA for our last field trip with them this school year at Fontainebleau State Park. Things did not go as planned, but we made up for it and had a great time.

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