This week was a little different in our studio. The middle school studio was gone for two days, we had an exhibition and an early dismissal day. Knowing that this week would be filled with ups and downs due to the exhibition, our character trait was optimism. A lot of the teammates had never heard of the word or its meaning. We watched a video from Kid President that talked about making our actions and decisions more positive. 

The teammates this week worked diligently on building their bridges. This week's experience presented time management skills and communication skills. I watched as the teammates revised their plans in the middle of building. I watched as teammates worked on separate parts without discussing the end goal. I also watched teammates encourage each other to utilize their talents and shine.

We also brainstormed ideas for our new Writer's Workshop unit: All About.... Teammates will be focusing on strengthening their research skills during this unit. They were stumped on finding things that spark their interest. I am looking forward to seeing how this unit will unfold. 

I also gave our studio a challenge. I challenged them on Monday all to have their level reading badge by Wednesday, March 22nd. A lot of them accepted the challenge with open arms, while some were more hesitant. They truly encouraged each other to try even if it is within their panic zone. I will let you know how the challenge goes.

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