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Rolling with the punches

and changing our plans

This week we studied kindness. I did my best to highlight things that I had seen throughout our studio during our morning huddles. Discussing kindness has allowed the team have reflective conversations about their actions, what they project to others and how to be a better example to others. During one of our huddles, the teammates concluded that they are not too young to set examples, but they must continuously live these examples as they grow.

I was expecting this week to be a slow week because the teammates were returning from a break. Monday was a slow day. We had a few teammates fall asleep during DEAR time. I let them rest so that they could finish the day strong, and they did. The teammates had to identify a problem in Get Involved Quest. The team out forth such outstanding effort in trying to figure out a problem. There were some conflicts between teams about which problems deserved more attention, but they engaged in healthy conversations to discuss and prove their points. 

On Tuesday, we were back into the swing of things. We revisited what it means to be running partner and how we can help each other. We were also anticipating our field trip on Wednesday. Unfortunately, due to a tornado watch, our trip was cancelled. We decided to do some crafts and just have a brain break type of morning. We did finger paint trees, built with Lincoln logs and loomed bracelets and necklaces. We ended Wednesday talking about our middle rock goal. The teammates shared which badge they are working towards and the support they needed from each other. It was such a beautiful and uplifting conversation.

On Thursday, we finished decorating our trees. We had the studio to ourselves because the middle school studio was on a field trip. We decided to take advantage of that space and sprawled out during our Core Skills, DEAR and Get Involved Quest. The teammates utilized all of the space that they could.

Our schedule for Friday was a little hectic. We did not have PE that morning, but we did have Dancing Grounds. Unfortunately, I had to leave because I was not feeling well, but I know that the teammates continued strong throughout their day.

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