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Rules of Engagement

On Tuesday, the teammates were introduced to their Chromebooks and badge requirements. Their questions about how they can cater their tasks to their individual personality illustrated their mission for success towards completion. The excitement of having Chromebooks overshadowed the opportunity to complete our quest introduction, which happened on Wednesday.

This session's quest will allow them to show their leadership and creative potential early in this part of their hero's journey. One time hit the ground running and has mapped out a plan with a budget, while we have another team that wants to ensure that their team's details are thoroughly outlined in their contract.

On Wednesday, we were also joined by Mrs. Fox Rich. She will be hosting a series of public speaking workshops to help the teammates improve their presentation and speaking skills for their exhibitions. Teammates also made the choice to participate in dance or theatre. We danced at the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center.

Thursday, we were joined by Coach Josh for P.E. The teammates started goal setting on paper to ensure they have an understanding of what a goal is. Teammates have hit the ground running with their goals and I cannot wait to see the continual growth that will come from this round of goal setting.

On Friday, we had a lot of emotional events in our studio. I watched the teammates hold a discussion about accountability and ownership. They navigated through this conversation with fluidity and all of them maintained their composure. Ultimately, they voted for their teammate to stay and discussed the importance of being true to yourself. Friday was a reminder of how often children's just need to be heard. I listened...

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