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Signing Day

Creating a Team

We have spent the first three weeks of school getting to know each other. The team came in with their game faces on and they definitely have a stronger bond this year. They came in supportive, understanding, and ready to hit the ground running. One of the highlights from the first week was an older teammate congratulating a newer teammate on joining our team.

We were able to film our LipDub on Thursday after the team realized that all they had to do was listen. They had such a great sense of community and empathy during this process. They also had their moments of conflict and leadership. I stepped out the process early because I wanted them to learn ownership from the beginning, and they are nothing short of amazing.

We signed our contract on Friday and debuted their player profiles to the community. Contract signing day is always a huge moment within our studio because they are making the decision to be committed to our community. This is a moment in which the teammates learn about the power of their voice and decision. Initially, we had two teammates that did not sign for their own reasons, but realized that they were supported and welcomed in case they changed their minds.


I am looking forward to seeing them grow, learn, and wonder in session two.

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