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Sometimes Silence

Can be so loud

This week's virtue was judgement. The teammates had some really great discussions and connected judgement to the other traits. I was so ecstatic to see them make this connection. I love watching their eyes light up and their wheels turn when they realize how these virtues and character strengths apply to the studio and their world.

On Monday, the teammates were all dressed up in their Halloween best. It was a huge lead in to our discussion about judgement and self-representation. It allowed us to have a discussion about personal choices, views and how it can change our perception of the world. The teammates have started creating their goals in two-day increments so that they can see that effort is just as important as achieving those goals.

On Tuesday, they were tired and wanted sleep, but worked through it. The teammates worked on their speeches for Election Quest and started towards their final drafts of their materials. During yoga with Ms. Amy the teammates learned a few new positions. It was refreshing to hear them laugh at themselves while still trying their best. 

Wednesday and Thursday were two huge days for our Election Quest. The teammates spent those two days finalizing and recording their speeches. It was the first time in a long time that I saw the small (individual) teams come together as a whole to get this goal accomplished. We started both mornings working as a group during Math Power Hour. I wanted them to see the strengths in each other. On Wednesday Senate candidate Caroline Fayard. She sat with out teammates and answered questions about her campaign, her goals and how they can improve their in-studio campaigns. 

Friday, the teammates finalized their Election Quest materials so that they can breathe on Monday. We even had a teammate call to check in with their team.

It was a joy to see each family represented during our lunch on Saturday. I am a firm believer that family involvement can be a huge driving force in helping a school thrive. Thank you for showing your support.

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