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Systems and Processes


This week we worked on our Strike System, Freedom Levels, our Digital Citizenship Pledge and created a Writer's Workshop calendar. Our Writer's Workshop calendar prompted several teammates to come together and create the NMS News. I cannot wait to read about the things they share.

We decided to host some of our discussions and journal time outside this week. It was such a beautiful week. I think that a bit of fresh air allowed them to clear their minds and refresh after our in-studio discussion.

The teammates realized that coming to a conclusion that would benefit everyone was not an easy task, but also not a difficult one. They reached the conclusion that communication is key and essential when trying to create a plan that benefits the whole community. One of the best comments that I heard this week was, "Ms. Amika, I don't have to agree, but I am going to listen because I care." Hearing statements like that from the teammates encourage and motivate to return to the studio daily.

By Thursday, teammates we restless and overwhelmed with discussing our systems and processes. We were able to create a strike system that would benefit everyone in our studio. I enjoyed listening to the teammates mention our weekly character trait while discussing their roles in the studio as an individual.

On Friday during our whole group huddle the teammates were faced with conflict. For a lot of teammates, this is a new concept. While it can be an overwhelming concept for our younger teammates, conflict resolution is key and can be learned at any age. We ended our week on a positive note.

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