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The After

Restarting and regrouping

Coming back from a break is never easy. The teammates were excited to see each other, but not excited about getting back into the swing of things. Monday we were off to a slow start, but by Tuesday, we were in full swing. Our subtrait this week was perspective. We discussed how our perspective can be shaped by personal experiences. We also discussed being able to see things from another person's perspective and how to practice empathy.

On Tuesday, we discussed finalizing details for Election Quest. The teammates are on a roll. During shout-outs the middle school students let our teammates know that they were proud of them. 

On Wednesday, we introduced No Red Ink. It is a platform that focuses grammar and language arts using the teammates' interest. The teammates are slowly warming up to the website, and I expect them to have some hesitation until they get used to the user interface. I was also met wit a discussion about exceeding goals. I had some teammates

On Thursday, we were building, molding and designing. The teams have solidified their candidates for the senate race and the measure they are for or against on their ballot. 

They are currently building their campaigns so that they can begin recording their campaign speeches. One of the teammates designed the "I Voted Today" stickers for her team. With the help of Mr. Ryan, they were digitized, colored and printed. We have one voting booth that just needs its curtains added few more in the works. 

Friday was a pretty laid back day for us. We rounded out the week with a bang. The teammates added the last few touches their Election Quest to do list, reminded me that they plan to exceed their goals and played a game of whole group tag.

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