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Quest, Teamwork and Motivation

This week's character trait was social intelligence. I love how these traits occur during the weeks of our field trips. The teammates explained to me that we should be able to adjust to any social situation whether it is internal or external of our studio. Our LOOP NOLA trips have a way of providing clarity or experience that allows them to see a living definition of the trait.

Monday was such a good day. We had a few huge discussions about goal setting, running partners and a huge surprise for Ms. Kim. The teammates were excited to celebrate Ms. Kim, but knew that we had to complete the goals we set first. They worked hard and held each other accountable without conflict. We also awarded our second badge in the studio.

Tuesday was a little bit of a drag because they were more excited about their upcoming field trip on Wednesday. The teammates are realizing that their results are a direct correlation of their efforts. The team closed out their day by sharing with each other their efforts and how they can help. I am trying to embrace those honest discussions while guiding to find their confidence and voice in their failures. 

Wednesday was our canoeing trip. Our morning started off cold, but fun. We played some team building games to warm us up and brighten our spirits. There were tons of laughs and a few tears. My partner and I got stuck in the trees a few times. I told her that we should have been singing "Kiss the Girl." After laughing uncontrollably, we finally made our way toward the group. I think the biggest challenge for our group was having the stamina to row and not get discouraged. 

Thursday was another mellow day for us. We discussed Wednesday and how we were able to adapt. They were on task and working diligently to complete their business plan. I did not realize that finding an age appropriate business plan would be difficult for our studio. I was able to assist them in finding one that they were able to use to outline their plans. 

On Friday, we did our weekly reflections. It is the first time that we were able to do them in our studio. I plan to spend some time next week with each teammate to address their concerns in our studio.

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