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The Return

Routine, Regrouping, and Reevaluating

It was an exciting week to see the teammates return and dive right in to their routines. Our character trait this week was: appreciation of beauty. During our huddles this week, the teammates reminded me (because thirty-two is extremely old) that beauty can be found in multiple places. It can be found in our actions, our thoughts, and how we treat others.

We started our week by reviewing our contract and what it means. Tuesday, we introduced a new reading platform. We introduced ReadTheory to the team. They have given me great feedback about this platform. ReadTheory is a site that allows the teammates to check for understanding while reading. The teammate is given a passage that is followed by a series of questions regarding that passage.

On Wednesday, the teammates started creating their characters for their graphic novels. This is the most excited I have seen them about writing in a long time. I am looking for forward to their comic book store in two weeks. 

Thursday was a pretty mellow day in the studio. I think the excitement had worn off and the exhaustion of getting back into routine had set in. The teammates finished creating characters that day. They were extremely supportive of each other's writing needs. There were a few teammates that were stuck on creating characters, so they shared characters. It was a sweet gesture between them.

On Friday, we had to adapt to the weather. In a way, it was a good thing because they are still trying to find their voice in this space. They played games, styled Ms. Kim's hair, and found a new arena for their Bayblades. We ended Friday with a strong shout-outs and growing points for next week.

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