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The Time has come

Lip Dub, Contract Signing, and Teamwork

This was such a busy, exciting, and emotional week for the teammates. There was so many things that we had to accomplish this week and we got them all done, collectively.

Monday started with us rolling out Lip Dub and reviewing the concept of a contract. The teammates were eager to begin the challenge of doing a Lip Dub, but had to choose a song. We had some interesting song choices such as "Hukana Matata", "Eye of the Tiger" and "On Top of The World." The teammates heard everyone's choice and did a process of elimination. I was proud to hear their thought process about their song choices.

Tuesday we continued into our lip dub challenge. At this point, the excitement from the challenge had worn off, and the emotions and passion took over. It can be overwhelming having to work with 25 other people to reach a common goal when they all have different passions, but they were able to reach a conclusion. They started dividing themselves into teams and picking verses to perform. We had three take on the task of choreography and planning.

By Wednesday, we could see that the teammates were in their panic zone regarding Lip Dub because they felt the need to get it done by their deadline. This helped facilitate our conversation about contract signing and what our contract should entail. The teammates were separated into studios to discuss the details of the contracts. One of the things that Mr. Ryan and I noticed when we put the notes together was that our teammates shared similar ideas on creating a safe space in our studio. 

On Thursday we did our first dress rehearsal. The teammates gave us great feedback about what they needed to do before Friday. We heard a lot of doubt on this day and had to revisit the growth mindset. We also shared the draft of the contract based on their input. We had a whole studio huddle regarding the contract and the systems that follow.

The day came for Lip Dub and contract signing. They were extremely anxious and nervous. They also had the chance to see a fresh and familiar face. Coach Josh started P.E on Friday with the teammates. They were eager and willing participants. When P.E. was finished, they came back to the studio to start designing their studio space. Designing their space provided them with the reality and ownership of the elementary studio. 

We signed our contract before Lip Dub to provide the cohesiveness and confidence they needed to do their best. I am extremely proud of how well the teammates came together to achieve their goal of Lip Dub. The excitement on their faces when it was done was such an amazing thing to see. We ended our week with a celebration for everything we accomplished.

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