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Things Fall Apart

But they come back together

This week was full of fun, laughter and some moments of reality. Our subtrait for this week was: creativity. To entertain the teammates this week, I dressed up as something different each day because I wanted them to see that creativity can be a very personal gift that we can share with the world. One of the biggest highlights of this week was having parents engage in our morning discussions.

On Monday, our schedule was a little off because we did not have P.E. this week. This allowed us extra time to work on our core skills and Election Quest. We started this week focusing on the next phase, which is speech writing. I asked the teammates what elements a speech should contain and how can they maximize them to ensure their audience understands.

By Tuesday, we had extended our core skills time. The teammates and I sat down and focused on how their goals are helping them achieve their badges. I received some great input and questions about making goals more concise and personal. I also had the opportunity to watch them work together as a whole team and not just with their running partners. They were supportive of each other in this process.

On Wednesday, the teammates made their way to Dancing Grounds while some of us stayed behind to continue our store improvement project. Wednesday was our most challenging day this week when working on Election Quest. The teammates were asked to finalize the details of their speech and for some teams, finalizing a speech that everyone can agree with is difficult. They all agreed that they would need more time to conclude their speeches next week. 

Thursday, we had a special guest and spent some time outside in the fresh air. I am a firm believer that when things become overwhelming, we should take a step back (or away) from it. It was such a beautiful afternoon on Thursday that after our art session with Mr. Yoshi, we took some brain break time. 

On Friday, we were back at it full swing. I think that being outside and running around allowed the teammates to come back into focus. 

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