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Time Keeps on Ticking...

The past two weeks have been extremely busy in our studio. Last week's trait was networking, and it was great to see it in action. The teammates worked down to the wire on their materials and books for Writer's Workshop.

The teammates had some huge projects this week and they tackled them all without hesitation and complaint. Our first goal this week was to tackle the plant project. Teammates will be planting and discussing gardening with Marcela Singleton. They painted their pots and got an opportunity to see what seeds will be best for this season.

Wednesday, families joined our author's for lunch. The teammates presented their All About... books. The books were great and well-detailed. I could sense the pride from the teammates as they beamed about their published piece.

Thursday, we began creating studio soup. Each teammate has to contribute an ingredient to create a soup. The teammates continued on to create their soup on Friday. Thursday was a great day to watch teamwork after a week of high emotion.

I cannot wait to introduce their new Writer's Workshop unit next week.

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