This was a strong week for the teammates all around. This character trait of the week was ethics. The teammates discussed their personal principles and how ethics could be applied during certain moments. Teammates were also introduced to goal sheets online. They enjoyed doing them and found that it took up less time and allowed more time for studio maintenance.

On Monday, we went over the checklist of things needed to complete their first draft in their all about books. We are currently working on strengthening research skills. This will not be something that I expect to see completed soon. This will be a long road, but with patience and understanding, we will get there. 

On Tuesday, had a few teammates inch closer to their math badges. Some of the teammates devoted DEAR time to completing their book reviews while others sought out their peers for reviews. We ended our day with a wrap-up. It mimicked the morning huddle. The team actually had a great discussion about a point that was made last week. They tasked each other to act on their words.

Wednesday we went fishing in Bayou St. John at the Spanish Fort with LOOP NOLA. It was a nice day outside and the teammates caught two crabs. We talked briefly about the history of the area which lead a parent to send us further research. When we got back to the studio we finished the day with DEAR and Moana. 

Thursday was a dreary day for us. The rain and clouds made for a tired studio. We tried board games, but that did not go so well. We watched the beginning of Sing. In the afternoon, I surprised the team with a mystery activity. It was great to see them try to set goals for it during the morning with their running partners. I took out all of the possible tinker toys in the studio and we had a building hour. 

Friday, was a gorgeous day. Our elementary team huddle was lead by a teammate. The question was posed about judgement. Mr. Ryan and I decided that we should spend some afternoon time unplugged and outside. We walked the teammates over to the neutral ground on MLK and had reading buddies. The middle school studio partnered with a teammate from the elementary studio. Some teammates read aloud to each other while other teammates sat quietly next to each other.

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