This was a fast paced week in our studio. Our character trait this week is was doubt. We often talk about the positive traits and how they help our growth mindset, but we rarely discuss how negative traits contribute to a fixed mindset. As the teammates are completing the last phases of their badges, there is a lot of self-doubting. We talked about how our words to ourselves can weigh on us without realizing it.

We have ended everyday this week by unplugging. We have spent extra time crafting, outside, or just having discussions as a team.

Monday we rolled out the Civilization Quest. This will be the first quest that the teammates will do independently. Some of them realized that if they had the same topic, they can share information. Those moments of teamwork cannot be taught.

Tuesday, we discussed encouragement and leading by example. We talked about completing book reviews and assisting each other. One of those examples were in their peer reviews. A few of the teammate did not think twice when asked about doing a book review.

Wednesday, was check-in day on their All About Books. A lot of the teammates have completed their first draft and were ready to move on, while some teammates decided to change their topic.

Thursday was a day of cleaning, organizing, and preparing. We talked about what are impact and roles are on the team. We talked about what it means to be supportive even when we doubt ourselves.

Friday, we were visited by Jerome Casby, the Superintendent of Public Works. It was great to have someone from the city come in and share their story with the teammates. He shared moments of overcoming doubt during his lifetime. We ended the day making kindness cards. Ms Lindy, our after care guide, will be distributing them to random people for us.

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